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Consulting ServicesWe believe that marketing is an ongoing and continuously refined process of gently and subtly assisting people towards making a decision to purchase or utilize, a company’s product or service. All marketing solutions developed and designed at eFirms, cater to the principle that first impressions is the last impression. Any corporate identity design must be instantly recognizable and easily remembered by everyone, even if they are not customers or prospects.

It is essential for your company to get noticed so that people recognize you as something different and distinct from the general marketing noise generated by your competitors. This is the only way to increase your market share.

First, we create a unique brand for you, in which everything under the umbrella will be uniform, creating a predefined path to guarantee a strong first impression.  Move your company forward by generating brand awareness.

A consistent brand will reinforce brand loyalty in your customers towards your products or services. The illustrations and icons that represent your brand must leave a lasting impression for all customers, past and future, while providing an easy means of promoting brand recognition. The designers and writers at eFirms, will produce top quality work that remains true to who you are and your vision.

Some of the simpler work that we do involves the creation of professional high quality logos, business cards, post cards, letterheads, envelopes, and stationery. We are ready to go when you are.


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