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Technical WritingTechnical Writing is very different from generalized web content writing. It is highly informative and does not promote the use of catchy words or commonly used adjectives. Technical Writing is done by utilizing plain and easy words and sentences. The only difficult words used are those that are relevant to the topic. The Technical Writing team at eFirms, is well versed with all these requirements, and has plenty of experience in Technical Writing. A number of Technical Writing projects have been successfully executed in the past, and our clientele is growing every year.

For writing technical articles, it is necessary to have the requisite qualification and expertise related to the technical subject or topic. We request that you provide us with the project specifications and the requisite details so that the writers obtain a basic idea about the content. You can also continue to provide inputs during the course of the project, which will readily be included in the content by our qualified technical writers without compromising on the flow of the content.

eFirms, also specializes in providing SEO Technical Web Content services that help increase the rank of your website on search engine results. Since more than sixty percent of the traffic to a website is generated through search engines, it has become quite necessary to increase website rankings. Furthermore, most online visitors who enter search criteria do not take their time to go through all the pages of search results. At most, searches do not go past the first 3 pages of results, making it highly important to improve your rankings.


eFirms team members will provide you with professional, high-quality Technical Writing services. You can easily improve your websites rankings and make a grand success of your online initiatives

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