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Corporate-Identity-DesigneFirms graphic design team is a corporate branding expert based in Toronto, Ontario. We provide professional quality corporate branding services at competitive rates. Whether you are a big corporate house or a one-man operation, we can help you with all your corporate branding requirements.

In order to make sure that all our outputs are of the highest quality and conforming closely to all your requirements we ensure your continuous involvement throughout the project development. We have a strong team of corporate branding experts who can deliver effective solutions based on the information you provide us.

Individuals interpret corporate branding differently. This lends itself into difficultly in offering a comprehensive definition and solution description. At eFirms, we believe that the best way for our clients to have a clear understanding of corporate identity and branding, we suggest participating in weekly or bi-weekly consultations. This meetings provides an pathway for clear understanding, of what is being done in order to achieve optimal identity creation. eFirms is always frank and forthright with its dealings and we make certain you are not led astray by market-term misunderstandings.

For instance, you might need an overall branding strategy that would involve a complete design process involving some of our other services such as web and graphic design, content management, print services, search engine optimization, and internet marketing strategy implementation. The more involved a project becomes the more vital becomes your own contribution because we will never pretend to know your company and business better than you do.

When it really comes down to the task, we want our clients to know that there isn’t a large difference between regular branding and corporate branding, except for that internet and WWW angle. A typical corporate branding service package would include the design and a development of a company’s concept after taking into due consideration the nature of the business as well as the target audience.

Traditional branding relies on business cards, letterheads, brochures, and so forth. Corporate internet branding is all about website, online graphics, banners, and so on. For more companies that are already operating offline there is not much scope for logo development or alteration though some of these companies will tend to make a slight modification to indicate that they are doing something different.

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