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Forwarding & MaskingDo you need a change in your current domain name? Want to relate your domain name to a specific product or service you offer? Then you are at the right place. eFirms, is one of the most favorable web hosting domains service providers which gives an extensive list of outsource services in order to meet the requirements clients.

Normally clients choose a specified domain name for their online business with reference to a specific project, service or product, which can be restrictive. Such businesses will face many complexities when they launch new projects with several new products which need much more endorsement than the pre-existing product. eFirms, offers clients the ability to fix this through the service of forwarding & masking.

Domain forwarding & masking allows clients to link a new domain names to their pre-existing domain name. This limits confusion for your website visitors, as they are automatically redirected to your new domain name and are viewing the new URL, without showing any information to the user that they are being redirected.

Forwarding & masking services also enables our clients to redirect a newly purchased expired domain by activating it and creating a link between the two domains through either forwarding or masking.

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