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Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)Domain names, are considered to be the identity of your professional image on the internet and  are the key to success for your online business. Majority of our clients prefer internationalized domain names (IDN) for the representation of their entity, as opposed to confining to a local level. It is important to note, that the selection of internationalized domain names, is shrinking, as many extensions are reserved by government offical web pages or by educational institutions.

Being one of the best web hosting domains solution providers; eFirms, has made the selection of internationalized domain names (IDN) for our clients as per their own requirements. We offer internationalized domain names (IDN) in 300 native languages which are selected by our customers depending upon their locality. A client can now select a single domain name in English as well as in German by purchasing the domain names separately and by maintaining the registration of the purchased domains at regular intervals. The biggest advantage of opting for internationalized domain names (IDN) at eFirms is exposing your websites worldwide which not only promotes your online business but also ensures a huge traffic flow to your site from every corner of the world.

Other than the promotion of your online business eFirms helps clients purchase internationalized domain names (IDN) for blogs or email purposes, to name a few services. When these internationalized domain names (IDN) are registered through eFirms, we add them in our registration database in order to keep a record and to reserve the particular internationalized domain names (IDN) for our respective clients.

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