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Renew Domains

Besides being able to purchase single or multiple domain names for your business, eFirms also provides clients with best service in renewing those domain names. As the main focus of your website, the domain name is a numerical as well as alphabetical address to get to your site. It gives your business the best identification and a well-thought out address will provide a level of online professionalism. It is our objective at eFirms to ensure that your URL remains yours, done properly though the domain renewal process.

eFirms, being a multipurpose company also renders valuable services in the domain registration in order to renew domains of the client’s websites. We guide you throughout the renewal process and notify our clients for the next renewal period as the domain names registered by any online company are supposed to be renewed at regular intervals. Depending on the requirements of our clients we can render the automatic renewal facilities as well as the manual services which are discussed and signed on an agreement at the initiation of the registration process. Some of our clients prefer to renew domains as the time of their expiry approaches.

We offer several packages for renewal, registration as well as hosting. Our client conveys their requirements and budget and eFirms works accordingly. At eFirms, our team is able to answer any of your questions, we work together with you in order to achieve the success you desire and have outlined in your overall campaign. We want to help you meet your goals!

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