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Dedicated IP web hosting is one of the most sought after services provided at eFirms has shaped the image of our company. The ability to be versatile, has allowed for eFirms to meet the demanding needs and requirements for diverse set of clients. eFirms has become one of the most favourable domain registrar online, and has shown remarkable outputs in web hosting domains, PHP developments, web hosting plans and analytic services.

It should come as no surprise that eFirms is giving the most aspiring services available online. In addition to these services, the service of dedicated IP web hosting is the most extensively utilized service by our clients. Our professionals are working with the aim of making the work environment conductive. In such an environment, our service of dedicated IP web hosting enables the clients to reserve a dedicated IP address which could be used for his single domain or URL address. Our standardized hosting of dedicated IP addresses assures the client to access their online information by a single entry of their IP address which will be provided to them.

If your online business is large and deals in eCommerce, then a dedicated IP is the most vital requirement of your web hosting plan. The online sale and purchase of your business products and services requires an adequate security, which can only be assured by a dedicated IP. It is quite explicit by the name that such an IP address is solely dedicated to the use of the owner of the website and legitimatize the access of commoners to the operations section. eFirms assists clients in the filtration of spammers, hacker and stalkers, which intend to misuse your IP address to their own advantage. Such spammers are usually depended upon a shared IP address and the incorporation of dedicated IP in your web hosting plan will ensure you appropriate safety.

The uploading of your files and website content are processed by the professional team at eFirms. We ensure our clients full control to the accessibility, security and the management of administration to their online business web page. Sign for the dedicated IP address to ensure a 100% of your website and contact us for further assistance.

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