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eFirms will give you great insights into the flow of traffic to your website while ensuring that your marketing strategies are effective. Our process and commitment to our clients allows us to provide excellent customer satisfaction, which is paired with the right web analytic services that will put your business a notch higher than your competitors.

Site AnalyticseFirms gathers, measures, analyzes and gives you a report on your website data so as to help you understand the performance of your website. This information we have gathered will help us optimize your website usage. To add on to this, eFirms will use the information for business research and marketing that will bring more traffic and promote your website. We use our site analytics to measure the results of our campaign strategies on your website and business.

eFirms use site analytics to offer you the information: potential audiences, marketing opportunities, share of voice, comments (buzz) and visibility. We also offer details of the web visitors’ journey on your site. At eFirms we will use this data to compare against key performance indicators for performance and use this to improve your website, marketing and promotion campaigns. At the same time our site analytics division will provide campaign’s audience response.

Our website tools help clients understand the important growth and development issues from a unique and advanced perspective. We harness the power of research and marketing to supplement our clients’ organizational strengths. With the right web analytic results on our client’s website we have helped clients become confident and make the best solutions.

At eFirms we provide Site Analytic advanced tools and services that serve a wide variety of clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to great corporate and multinational. We aim at making your website a hub of activity by harnessing your ideas and pushing them strongly to influence the market base.

For Website developers, business developers, marketing and advertising companies that want their impact felt in the internet world eFirms will bring the right clients and customers to your site and business. Our customized and reliable tools and services will help you market your website to the right prospective clients.

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