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Tent CardsWhen sketching out a business marketing campaign, all aspects of print should be considered. Using a variety of different print methods to help promote your company is an added step to increasing your overall exposure to your target market. Each promotional print piece adds its own influence to your overall campaign, and including tent cards should be part of the strategy.

Tent cards have proved time and time again to be an effective marketing piece. It plays its part in the overall marketing strategy and can is often utilized. Tent cards are folded in the middle and sit on flat surfaces in the shape of tent. With printed information on both visible sides, tent cards prove to be a unique and fun print piece to expose information about your company. The unusual shape and structure are eye catching, and customizable in size, can display all the vital information.

At Efirms Inc. we have delivered hundreds of thousands of tent cards to a variety of customers who have used this marketing print piece in several different ways. Aside from printing the tent cards on top quality material, we have created and designed tent card pieces to suit the needs and budget of our clients. We never duplicate any material, and your tent card is always specific to your business. We promise to deliver a print piece that will speak to your customers.

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