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Contextual LinksAs experts in the industry, we at eFirms, understand that there is increasing awareness that link building strategies are a highly effective part of SEO. Links built for your website, enhance your credibility within the search engines, an outcome we strive for when planning your SEO campaign. This step will reward your website with a good ranking and good search engine results position.

Contextual Link building is a part of the strategy, which will increase in quality back links to your website from top sources. A Contextual Link is a link in which the click-able text is completely made up of keywords or a key phrase. The link must then take the viewer to your website which pertains to that particular keyword phrase.

At eFirms, we want your website to be visible online and gain popularity. We know that part of the contextual link process is to place the links on appropriate sites, in which your target audience will be able to easily find them. The contextual links will be part of blogs, and responses in order the help drive traffic to your website.

Keywords and keyword phrases play a large part if having strong contextual links, and we at eFirms,  will provide you with strong, qualified keywords that makes sense for you.

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