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eFirms, creates your Adwords and selects keywords, which are words, phrases and sentences that are related to your business and website. When Internet users search on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing your Adwords appear next to the search results. This advertisement goes to people who will be interested in using and buying your services and products.

By using Adwords, online customers will just have to click on your Ads in order to make a purchase or get to learn more about your business or products. The advantage of eFirms, Adwords is a targeted customer base. When we run your Adwords campaign on Google you will be assured that the people who search on Google will be able to view your business. eFirms, will target new audiences on the Internet and our advertising network.

eFirms, will also edit and adjust your Adwords to meet your budget and marketing plans. These adjustments are geared on getting you more results and bringing you more Internet traffic.  We give you a variety of Adwords formats and provide you with the tools necessary to write your Adwords in all foreign languages, targeting specific locations, both international and local. Your Adwords will be available on international search engines and local directories.

eFirms,  has no minimum investment requirement. We give you a chance to pay on the cost-per-click meaning unless people click on the Adwords then you will not be charged by their mere viewing. Every coin paid to us is for a business prospect or new customer brought your way by our Adwords.

We make use of blogs, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter so your Adwords will be available on busy, popular  Internet channels to maximize on viewings and marketing options.


GoogleGoogle Adwords is a system developed to assist in marketing products or services within the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites.


BingAs the second largest player in online advertising, Bing Adwords is making quite an impression and presence.


YahooEven though you can’t find any information when you search Yahoo Adwords, it doesn’t mean it’s non-existing.

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