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As the second largest player in online advertising, Bing Adwords is making quite an impression and presence. Much like Google, Bing Adwords carries the same tools and information to reach millions of costumers and bring them to your site.

There are a lot of similarities between both pay-as-you click systems. The ad exposure is a huge benefit, as you build brand recognition and traffic to your site.  With Bing’s increasing momentum, this search engine is putting up a super fight against Google.

With Bing’s increasing momentum, this new alliance is putting up a super fight against Google. In principal all search engines share the same key components, and operate in the same manner. There are however some differences that may pull you to use one over the other or decide to use both.

As the new opponent in the rink, there are fewer businesses advertising on Bing at the moment, so the opportunity to get core keywords at a lower cost-per-click is greater. Your money spent here, will go a lot further than on Google.  Bing also allows you target age and gender by accessing account data where applicable. In some cases, Bing has a better design for the search engine, allowing your ads you create to stand out while being searched upon.

Even as a new player, Bing is worth a second a thought. You can import your Adwords campaigns, giving you a much higher visibility online. Impressions plus increase reach to a border audience will ultimately equal more opportunity and revenue growth.

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