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Search engine optimization is never complete without Search Engine Marketing. In order to get the maximum benefit from your website, it needs to be optimized, well positioned and marketed aggressively so that search engines can adequately complement your marketing efforts. Many website owners have found themselves stuck with poorly optimized websites created by SEM consultants with basic optimization knowledge.

Despite the popularity, SEM is one of the most misunderstood and underestimated factors involved in marketing. Due to the fact that most website owners (and this includes web developers) have no factual data on what exactly is necessary to do besides some free guidelines that they download from the Internet. If it were that simple everyone would have a good page rank.

So why do some companies always show up above yours during a routine keyword search on a popular search engine? The answer is a thorough and competent website design, search engine optimization, clever submission, and all of it followed by a solid search engine marketing plan. eFirms creates such plans for you because we are a search engine marketing company that has been doing it for a long time with a high rate of success.

“How visible is your website?” While it is true that a higher-page rank ensures higher visibility, unless there is an ongoing marketing review to analyze your own website against those of your competitors you will never know if you are losing out on business to them because they chose a better combination of keywords.

On the Internet your business will be exposed to over a billion consumers and also to thousands of unknown competitors from all over the world. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a rare skill that needs to be deployed carefully. Contact us today for a consultation session with eFirms team.

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