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Blog CommentingTied in with the Link Building service, eFirms, takes it one step further and offers a blog commenting service. This small step has been proven to be an effective link building strategy in combination with all the other services we provide to optimize your SEO initiatives.

For some time, there has been a misconception on the power of blog commenting. eFirms, understands that when we apply this tool properly, it generates unique traffic to your site. One should approach using this tool with an open mind, and allow for this strategy to build relationships within your niche industry.

Blog commenting is a strategy that allows you to get viewers to your website through quick links. Searching for relevant blogs is time consuming. Let us do the work for you. efirms, will scout the best blogs, relevant to your needs and have our professional writers post intelligent comments, facilitating an online discussion. Our comments won’t have obvious marketing text; they will appear natural, relevant to the postings adding value to your website.

Engaging in blog commenting is one of the best ways in increase your visibility to online readers interested in your business. When you include a link to your website or blog in a worthwhile, relevant comment, you’ll drive traffic directly to your site. Perhaps best of all, the traffic will represent individuals who are actually interested in reading your content before they visit.

Consistency is key when blog commenting. By posting thoughtful, valuable blog comments you will achieve making other industry professionals take notice, leading to additional business opportunities and links from their sites to yours.

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